About Me

I believe that my work is in helping clients walk less blindly through life. To achieve this aim, I try to ask questions to clarify the principles underlying the ways they relate to the world and others, bringing out the underlying assumptions, an inner philosophy, which guides so much of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. I help not only with common problems (anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, OCD, etc.) but also work with those whose issues are not easily captured by a diagnosis and are existential in nature. The so-called “worried well” come to uncover and work through the sources of internal struggles, in order to become their best selves and live a more fulfilling life. Over the years, as I have explored and experienced a variety of mind-body techniques, such as yoga and meditation, tapping and EMDR, it has become clear to me that words alone are not enough to help us with struggles, and so for those who are curious, I incorporate breath practices, yoga, and meditation into my work.
My background and training