Concerning Escape

(This piece was written by a young woman who was musing on several possibilities at the time.)

An escape… How tempting is it to escape somewhere, to change the scenery, or to simply run away. Isn’t it always a human’s first response to everything? To run away, to hide, to start from a clean slate. We often hear “grass is not greener on the other side”, or “you cannot escape your problems.” But why do we really truly want to escape sometimes? Certainly, there are many people in this world who think that changing a house/city/country/friends/ continent will let them “run” away from problems.

But what if there were another reason for this willingness to run away, to change the routine? Sometimes we get so absorbed by life that we forget to stop and think about ourselves. I guess at some level it is a question of speaking to your soul, your inner self, or intuition, whatever you name it – speaking to your own self.
We need to quiet down our passions, our brains, and get out of the routine, even sometimes far from friends, and family, and even partners/ husbands or maybe even kids. The need to do so then is to quiet this boiling brain, to stop running for a while, to quiet down the soul to finally hear the intuition talking. I think that an intuition has a very high-frequency voice, it is almost silent, but if you quiet the rest, you notice that it is screaming out loud, and then all of sudden this becomes the only frequency on which you can operate in life. Sometimes getting away to a new environment and isolating is the only way to tune back in to your true self, without distractions, habits, and comfort zones.
Of course grass is not greener, it’s even worse: it resembles a land after nuclear bombing, because you have to reconstruct, fertilize, re-grow, re-connect to yourself. One can’t expect for it to be in bloom just like that. You can try to put a sunbed in the midst of it and wait for it to get better, or you can try to work on it. Living in a beautiful garden takes discipline.

Escaping you will never find “greener grass”, but what if you can grow a whole new planet of whole new species and hear smells and listen to sounds that you never dreamed existed?