A Little On Relationships

A Little On Relationships Couples therapy is notoriously difficult, although when successful, it is tremendously rewarding. Many elements go into making it the most challenging of all therapeutic modalities, but the overarching one is probably the fact that for each of us “I, me, mine” are the most important concepts in any language. Even though […]

Lessons of Getting Older

Lessons of Getting Older “All the time that I thought I was learning how to live, I was learning how to die” (Leonardo da Vinci) I’m starting to think that Faust may have got it backwards. Granted, it must have been thrilling to chase youth, within and without, when one’s years were coming to a close. […]

What we want and what we get

What we want and what we get Years ago, I treated a boy whose parents had divorced some years prior. His father, who left the boy’s mother (his second wife) to start yet another family, was quite unwilling to come in and meet with me, even for the mere sake of getting acquainted. Then, after […]

Sherlock Holmes and the Life of Principle

Sherlock Holmes and the Life of Principle Humor me on this one. This is a moment for making grand pronouncements from a soap box, so here it is: every once in a while, I feel the need to speak up in defense of one of my favorite literary characters, Sherlock Holmes. How silly is that, […]

“Scary” Fairy Tales

“Scary” Fairy Tales Recently, a topic of “scary fairy tales” came up in an online forum I am a member of. A concerned young father wrote about being worried about exposing his little kids to the violence in folk tales (the wolf being not only cut open, but having his belly stuffed with rocks; a […]