Concerning Escape

Concerning Escape (This piece was written by a young woman who was musing on several possibilities at the time.) An escape… How tempting is it to escape somewhere, to change the scenery, or to simply run away. Isn’t it always a human’s first response to everything? To run away, to hide, to start from a […]

Judgement or not?

Judgement or not? (It was hard to come up with an introduction for this piece written by a young woman – it beautifully speaks for itself.) I was always confused by the value most people seem to place on being non-judgmental. Aren’t we as humans constantly evaluating and assessing the world around us, if nothing […]

On Illusions and Decisions

On Illusions and Decisions (Written by a young man) A blessing and a curse – to be capable. To have options. To feel like the whole world is your oyster and you can direct yourself anywhere you wish. And if you don’t get there, all your encumberments, external factors, are to blame. My sick family, […]

High maintenance

High maintenance (Written by a young woman) I guess I consider myself “high maintenance” when it comes to my relationships with men. I am difficult, opinionated, naughty, demanding, have extremely high expectations of everyone (myself included). I guess I see myself as “heavy” and I imagine men to be not attracted by it unless they […]

I always knew deep within…

I always knew deep within… (Written by a young woman) I think I always knew deep down that satisfaction with oneself comes from within and not from comparison. Sometimes I think that I so much despise this competitive attitude because this is the part I hate in myself too, I need to prove I am […]

Reflections After a Break-In

Reflections After a Break-In (Written by a young American woman on a fellowship in India) About a month ago, my house was broken in to as we slept. I had a friend in town that week, and she was sleeping in my room with me. She stayed up until 4am working, so they had a […]